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Full-Service iPad Repairs and Upgrades - All models!
Just like the iPhone, one drop face-down on a hard surface and you could be the victim of a cracked iPad glass, LCD, or worse. We understand that these situations happen, and we here at Mission Repair are on your side. We'll get your iPad repaired and back to you anywhere in the USA, FAST.

Choose your model below:

iPad Pro 12.9 RepairiPad Pro 12.9 Repair
(Coming Soon)

iPad Pro 9.7 RepairiPad Pro 9.7 Repair

iPad 5 (2017) RepairiPad 5 (2017) Repair

iPad Air RepairiPad Air 2 Repair

iPad Air RepairiPad Air Repair

iPad Mini with Retina DisplayiPad Mini 4 Repair

iPad Mini with Retina DisplayiPad Mini 3 Repair

iPad Mini with Retina DisplayiPad Mini 2 Repair
(with Retina Display)

iPad MiniiPad Mini Repair

iPad with Retina DisplayiPad 4 Repair
(iPad with Retina Display)

iPad 3 iPad 3 Repair
(The New iPad)

iPad 2iPad 2 Repair
(2nd Gen iPad)

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Mission Repair offers a high quality iPad repair service, including iPad screen repair. Our cost effective iPad repair and iPad screen repair service gives you peace of mind when you need to maintain, upgrade or repair your iPad. Our full-time certified technicians on staff at our commercial location are dedicated to giving you the most efficient iPad repair service available. Mission Repair, It's Simple.

If you have any troubles navigating our website or are still not quite sure which iPad repair service you should choose above, feel free to call us at Mission Repair
1-844-459-0102 or send us an email for prompt attention!