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Custom Service Programs

Did you know that Mission Repair provides wholesale and bulk-rate repair services for many dealers and schools around the country? In many cases you'd never know as Mission Repair stays behind the scenes.

Are you an IT Manager tired of dealing with your large insurance carrier or are there too many repairs for your team to handle?
  • True 3rd Party Depot Repairs.
  • 1:1 School Program Services.
  • Long-term SLA Agreements or Short-Term Project Management.
  • Fully staffed, professionally trained service technicians.
  • Custom API solutions to make ordering a snap.
  • Online Billing, Reporting and Status.
  • Convenient dedicated Hotline for live customer support Monday - Friday.
  • Scale-able solutions. 10 to 10,000 units per month immediately available for processing.
HOTLINE: 1-844-459-0105 Dial "0"
Send an email to macatschool@missionrepair.com

Mission Repair has over 1,000,000 units of repair experience and the flexibility to create a custom plan for your school or business. With exceptional shipping rates via FedEx and same-day turnaround availability, Mission Repair can replace an existing insurance program and save up to 50%.

If you're a parent or student of an Apple 1:1 School Program and would like us to repair your device directly, please send an email to sales@missionrepair.com and we will be happy to take care of you.

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Security Features
  The iPhone 5S has the following security features:  

Fingerprint Scanner- This feature is set so only your finger print can access your iPhone 5S
Passcode- This feature is usually a 4 digit code so you can access your iPhone 5S 
Password- This feature is available is you do not want to use the pass code feature. 
Find My iPhone- This feature is in place so you can locate your iPhone and remotely disable it if needed. 

These security features that can impede on our pre-testing and quality assurance procedures. 

By choosing "AGREE" you agree to disable all security features including fingerprint scanner, passcode, password and "Find My iPhone" functions. We will be able to correctly test your iPhone 5S before and after your repairs are completed. 

By choosing "I DO NOT AGREE" and deciding not to disable all security features including fingerprint scanner, passcode, password and "Find My iPhone" functions , you recognize and agree that we cannot test your iPhone 5S properly and you will be responsible for any warranty shipping charges and fees that are a result of not disabling these security features.

Water Damaged iPhones. Don't give up hope.
Water Damaged iPhone?  iPhone Get Wet? 
Mission Repair is here to help.

Yes, it's a panic and your stomach gets that "sick and sinking feeling" as you watch your beautiful iPhone fall in slow motion into the sink or worse!  Don't worry, we've heard them all, and soda covered iPhones are not necessarily doomed.  Let us explain. . .

QUESTION:  Can Mission Repair fix my water damaged iPhone?

ANSWER:  We want to try!  Basically, any problem can be fixed.  The question becomes "is it worth repairing?"  Without actually seeing the iPhone and having one of our expert technicians perform a complete diagnosis, we can't really tell over the phone how much the repair will cost.  This is why we diagnose iPhones for free!

  What should I do after my iPhone takes a bath?

ANSWER:  First turn off your iPhone (by holding the top power button and home button down for approximately 6 seconds) then dry it off with a towel, then place it in a bag of plain uncooked rice. Then leave the bag of rice complete with iPhone in sunlight, or another warm/dry place for about 24 hours.  The rice will wick the moisture out of your iPhone which immediately increases your odds for an "easier" repair!  DO NOT put your iPhone in the oven, even at low temperatures.  DO NOT use a heat gun to dry it out.  DO NOT attempt to turn it on for at least 3 days after the accident.  Any moisture remaining could easily cause further damage.

  My iPhone got wet and now the screen is white.  Do I need a new LCD screen?

ANSWER:  It's possible!  But since water can easily infiltrate the circuitry on your iPhone, your LCD might still be OK.  It might be that the connector on the LCD has started to corrode, or the connector on the logic board needs to be cleaned.  There are many possibilities when liquid spills occur and if you don't NEED an LCD, we won't quote it!  MANY cases our technicians will simply disassemble the iPhone, clean all of it's components, and reassemble it.  It's kinda like magic!

  Ok, I want Mission Repair to take a look.  How do I get started?

ANSWER:  This is the easy part!  Just view our list of FREE iPhone Diagnostic Services and select your model.  Upon checkout, you'll need to choose your shipping method and the rest is easy.  Once we receive the iPhone we'll call you within 1 business day to report our findings.

Note:  These Questions and Answers are NOT Apple, Inc. recommended.  Apple recommends that you buy a new iPhone.  We recommend that BEFORE you buy a new iPhone, you send it to us for a free diagnosis and report.  There's no obligation to have your iPhone repaired, so it's worth getting an order placed with us!

How do I contact you?
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