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Shipping and Returns
Please select the device that needs warranty repair:

Some common situations that may void your Warranty Coverage

1. The customer does not have a valid purchase invoice.
2. Warranty claim information is incomplete or changed.
3. The warranty period has expired.
4. The serial numbers have been changed or removed from the product.
5. Non-authorized modifications to the products specifications.
6. Damage to the product caused by improper operation or use, by not following user manual instructions or defects caused by external sources, impact, paint cosmetic damage in general, scratches, fissures, evidence of residues of water, sweat or food inside the unit.
7. Damage to the product caused by installation, repairs or reinstallation by non authorized personnel or service centers.
8. Damage to the product caused by shipping or transportation not provided by Mission Repair.
9. Damage to the product caused by loss or accident such as fire, voltage fluctuations, vandalism, water, sand insects or similar.
10. Damage to the product caused by forces of nature such as earthquakes, floods, electric storms, etc.
Are you ready to send your device into us?
  Customer shipping instructions into our repair center.

Please DO NOT include accessories such as A/C adapters, cases or earphones (unless you'd like us to test these items for you) or original packaging such as boxes or carrying cases.

Take your time when packing up your Device! The last thing that you'll want to do is incur additional damage on the way to our Mission Repair facility. Here are a few helpful tips that will make your shipment go smoothly and hassle free.
1. Use a big enough box. We recommend that you have at least 2 inches of padding space around the entire device. If the box is the same size as your item, it will likely incur damage in transit! A box will give you the best protection when shipping your device.

2. DO NOT SEND your item in an envelope as there is not enough protection for the unit! Use appropriate padding! Bubble wrap, foam, or even crumpled newspaper will suffice. Wrap the device neatly and securely.

UPDATE 11/15/15: Bubble envelopes, card board envelopes and paper envelopes are not sufficient to protect your device from additional damage or loss. We want to avoid all circumstances of shipping issues before they arise!

3. Insure your package for the incoming shipment. If you used our email label service please note that there is a maximum of $100 of insurance to cover this shipment. You may choose to send your device in on your own in the event you want more insurance for your device.

4. Seal the package! Don't forget to tape the box closed. If the package arrives to us empty, we won't be able to perform your repair, and the loss claim is lengthy and difficult.

5. Address the box. We have a designated repair department location for you. If you used our email label service, this is already done for you. If sending in on your own, address your package to:

Mission Repair, Inc.
14343 W 100th St
Lenexa, KS 66215

6. Finally, ship your item to us. Use a reliable carrier (i.e. We use FedEx, but you can also choose UPS or USPS) You should also insure your package for its replacement value, and use a service that you can track so you can view it's progress into our facility. Mission Repair takes NO responsibility for the arrival of your unit under these conditions, so please take care in packaging your device on the way into us - it's never any fun for either party if some simple steps are followed in the beginning. If there is a service failure of any type on its way to us, you will need to contact the carrier and file the appropriate claims and/or grievances, however we will help out in any way we can.

Interested in changing your shipping options after you placed your order? Give us a call and we will certainly help you out!

*Packages arriving after 12:00 PM CST may not be received into our system until the following business day.
Can I get Saturday delivery?
Question:  If I order a part or a service that will ship out on Friday, will it arrive on Saturday?

Answer:  Our rates online allow for delivery Monday through Friday.  We can have items delivered on Saturday, however there is an extra fee involved.  This is a "Saturday Delivery Fee" and the shipping service must also be upgraded to "Priority Overnight".  We will be happy to pass these fess onto you, but to do so you must call us about the order before it ships out on Friday to upgrade and pay for the Saturday Delivery service. 

If the package does not arrive on Saturday, then the extra fees will be credited back to your account.

FedEx, Mission Repair's carrier of choice!

blackberry repair Lennie says:
FedEx is Mission Repair's carrier of choice!
Email me if you have any questions!

Did you notice the plethora of shipping options when using our repair service? We have specifically added as many shipping services possible to help you feel comfortable and our mix-and-match shipping options are just another way to allow you to remain in control of your repair with us. It's a little forward thinking and it's all about customer service. Here are a few simple explanations on our shipping options:

INBOUND (Before repair):
-You can send any item in using your own carrier. Just pack and it and ship it. There's no charge from Mission Repair for that!
-We can email you a label for pickup. This means that you have the ability to pack and tape your package for delivery into us and you also have the ability to print an email label to affix to the box.

OUTBOUND (After repair):
-Simply choose whether you want your repaired item sent back OVERNIGHT or GROUND. Just to clarify, OVERNIGHT means the next business day, and does not include weekends or holidays. GROUND can be anywhere between 1 and 4 days depending on your location in the US.

Service. Being No. 1 in customer satisfaction 17 years in a row* says it all about FedEx and their commitment to delivering peace of mind to Mission Repair customers.

Reliability. FedEx offers a Money back guarantee on shipments across the country.

Value. Normally at a premium price for premium service. FedEx is not the "cheapest" carrier in the industry, however Mission Repair has negotiated and maintained excellent shipping rates that are passed on to the customer.

Locations. Last time we counted, our calculators melted. There are thousands of FedEx locations in the USA.

Extras. Saturday delivery? Just ask! Residential delivery, no extra charge! Package pickup? Just call toll-free 1-800-GO-FEDEX and they'll be on their way.

Questions? Call our customer service line toll-free for more information! 1-866-638-8402

Yes, this is an actual drop off at our commercial location.

*According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI)
Is my shipment insured?
Question: Do you provide insurance on your FedEx shipments?

Answer: Yes, there's $100 of insurance coverage in place on every FedEx shipment we process. If you'd like to have more than $100 insurance on on your package (for example, you'd like us to send back your $500 laptop computer with more than $100 of insurance) you may do so for a small charge. You can choose the 'Transit Insurance' option at check out by adding it to your cart. This is for outbound shipments only.

The FedEx insurance will cover the lost or damaged hardware only and in the condition that it was shipped. Additionally, it will not cover protective cases, accessories, software or any custom work that has been done to a device. It's a "current market value" replace or repair policy, up to $100 unless the additional insurance option has been chosen.

Furthermore, if you choose the "email me a FedEx label" option, there's a MAXIMUM of $100 insurance coverage that is already included with the price of this inbound shipping option. Unfortunately, there is no option to increase the insurance on inbound shipments to our location unless you ship it in on your own. It's typically not an issue though, because you most likely sending in a broken device to us anyway!

Warranties and RMA Procedure.
If you've reached this page, it may be that you have a warranty claim that needs to be obtained for a repair that we performed on your device.

We apologize for any problems that you may have with a repair that was completed through our service lab. We want to make it right! Please proceed through our online warranty administrator here.

All warranty claims are initiated online and we will get you fixed up fast in the event that a repair that we performed is failing on you! In the event that an order arrives back to our location physically damaged by means of force, drops, cracks, liquid or otherwise, replacement or refunds will not be issued. Please return all packaging and original components.