iphone repair

Please select the device that needs warranty repair:

Some common situations that may void your Warranty Coverage

1. The customer does not have a valid purchase invoice.
2. Warranty claim information is incomplete or changed.
3. The warranty period has expired.
4. The serial numbers have been changed or removed from the product.
5. Non-authorized modifications to the products specifications.
6. Damage to the product caused by improper operation or use, by not following user manual instructions or defects caused by external sources, impact, paint cosmetic damage in general, scratches, fissures, evidence of residues of water, sweat or food inside the unit.
7. Damage to the product caused by installation, repairs or reinstallation by non authorized personnel or service centers.
8. Damage to the product caused by shipping or transportation not provided by Mission Repair.
9. Damage to the product caused by loss or accident such as fire, voltage fluctuations, vandalism, water, sand insects or similar.
10. Damage to the product caused by forces of nature such as earthquakes, floods, electric storms, etc.