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We're donating money to your school, period.

Do you need an iPod repaired or a new battery? Do you have a MacBook and you've cracked the screen? Did you get your iPhone wet and now it's having problems? We here at Mission Repair in Lenexa and can take care of all of these issues and more. We also repair many types of cell phone screens and Playstation Portable screens, so if yours is cracked, check us out.

Do you want to know the best part? We've partnered with your
and we donate up to 5% back. That's right, if you look to
your left,
you'll see a whole list of repairs and upgrades. If you
choose to have
your item repaired by us we automatically track
your order in our
database and every quarter we send a check
to your school.

You're going to need a new battery in your iPod, why not help your school out in the process?
iPods Displayed
Take a look around at our website or come visit us in Lenexa. Give us a call and we'll let you know if we can help. Our business is built around fantastic customer service and we won't let you down. Remember that your school gets money back to go toward education, athletics, activities or whatever your school needs.

Read some of the finer details here if you're interested!
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Send us an EMAIL HERE and someone from our staff will respond during normal business hours!

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2/25/09 - Shout out to RYAN ARTER!!! you are awesome !!!!! from the one and only....~Rachel Camp! : )

2/25/09 - Wow, this has helped me out so much! Thank you for fixing my iPod! It works better than ever!!!

2/16/09 - This is great!

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