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Independent Review of Mission Repair's 13.3" MacBook LCD Screen Replacement Service.
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Mission Repair Review - Mission Repair Saved My MacBook's Life!

By Adriana Davalos

I bought Apple's OEM MacBook laptop two years ago and I have had several problems with it just within the first year. Fortunately, Apple was kind enough to care for the problems with no charge under their warranty. However, my MacBook encountered a problem that Apple's warranty didn't cover'a cracked screen!

I was completely appalled the day I opened my laptop and noticed that the whole lower right hand corner of my screen was cracked and had a series of colored lines running up and down the right side of the screen. 

So I took my MacBook into the nearest Apple Store and I was hoping for a positive outcome for this dreadful situation. Boy was I disappointed! The associate explained to me that their warranty didn't cover cracked or broken screens, and I would have to pay roughly over $700. Then it would take ten to twelve working days to get it back to me fully repaired.

Having a cracked screen made everything so difficult!
Having a cracked screen made everything so difficult!

My heart nearly dropped to the bottom of my stomach when I heard that it was going to cost nearly more than half the price I paid for my MacBook.

What was equally horrifying was the fact I was going to be disconnected from the computer world for up to twelve days. Being a full time student and journalist, I depend and rely on my MacBook on a daily basis.

The cracked screen made it hard enough for my life to function properly and the thought of paying all that money and being separated from my MacBook for almost two weeks was unacceptable. I definitely had to find an alternative.

Luckily, I came across Mission Repair! Mission Repair is the leading repair service in the market for MacBook LCD installation. Instead of emptying my wallet and paying over $700 to install a new screen, Mission Repair offers a flat-rate of $229 for a brand new LCD Screen.

They use brand new Apple OEM MacBook Screens, not used, imitation or third party screens.  In addition to Mission Repairs amazing service and price, is the fact that after receiving the unit, Mission Repair can install a brand new OEM Apple MacBook LCD Screen within 24 hours and send the unit right back.

To ensure the unit is in excellent condition before sending the unit back, Mission Repair tests the iSight camera to verify their quality work.

I placed my order right away with an associate from Mission Repair and they offered easy shipping options, including customer pick up along with the option of receiving my unit back in two days with the $14 return FedEx Ground method.

I needed my  MacBook repaired quickly so I chose the overnight shipping method they offered along with their shipping kit so my MacBook would make it to their factory safely.

I received my shipping kit within three days of placing my order, shipped it on a Wednesday and received it back two days later on Friday of that same week. You wouldn't believe how anxious I was to see the results of my MacBook.

I opened the package with my MacBook inside as if I was a 7 year-old girl on Christmas morning anxiously tearing apart my presents to see if mom got me the Easy Bake Oven I dreamed of. My MacBook looked absolutely beautiful! I was so happy I was speechless!

The new LCD Screen was flawless and to see a clear view of my screen was a blessing! They even cleaned and polished my MacBook making it look brand new again.

I couldn't be happier with Mission Repair's service and I don't know where my MacBook and I would be without their help in providing great service, quality, and price. I'd recommend Mission Repair to anyone who is in need of repair service for his or her MacBook!

Thank you Mission Repair!
Thank you Mission Repair!

Each MacBook LCD Screen repair includes a full 1-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy exclusively from Mission Repair. Mission Repair is your choice for full-service MacBook and MacBook Pro Apple laptop computers.  Mission Repair currently offers repair services for iPods, iPhones, Apple Laptop Computers (including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, PowerBook and iBook), gaming consoles (including PSP and Nintendo DS) with new programs coming online within the next several weeks.

With a 100% customer service mentality, www.missionrepair.com your one-stop repair service center with support for all makes and models of iPods, iPhones and Macintosh Portable Systems, Cell Phones & Gaming Consoles.  

Thank you Mission Repair!

Published Sep 16, 2008
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