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"Got Repair" Program
The reason why Mission Repair is your Service Provider.

Life Happens, and Mission Repair has pioneered a New Standard of Service. It's a game changing, customer loving, market leading, no-brainer way for us to do business and we appeal to anyone with small electronics better than ever before with our exclusive Got Repair Program. Here are the questions and answers about this program you're looking for.

Q: Do I need to sign up when I order a service from Mission Repair?
A: No, you are automatically eligible for the "Got Repair" benefits when you use a service that includes it.

Q: Is this insurance?
A: No. It is not insurance, nor do you have a policy. Insurance requires premiums and deductibles that you WILL NOT PAY under the "Got Repair" program.

Q: Can I buy "Got Repair" benefits without having a device repaired with you?
A: No. You can only participate in the program with a qualifying repair.
Q: If I had my device repaired by you before this program started, am I covered?
A: We are backdating and extending "Got Repair" benefits to all qualifying orders placed on 2/1/11 and later. The "Got Repair" benefits are not available on orders dated before 2/1/11.

Q: Is the "Got Repair" benefit transferable?
A: No. It's only good for the same unit and same customer as originally serviced.
Q: Is there a "qualifying" or waiting period? What if I break my device the next day?
A. No there is no waiting period. If you break your device the next day we are on your side. This is why the "Got Repair" program was invented.

Q: Are Mission Repair's prices inflated to cover the re-repair costs?
A: No. We did not increase our prices whatsoever. In fact, we have the most competitive prices in the industry, with the fastest turnaround and the best service. We added the "Got Repair" program to further satisfy our customers.

Q: What if I never break my device again?
A: Perfect! Then you'll never need to exercise your "Got Repair" benefits and you lose nothing. You'll just have the peace of mind knowing that Mission Repair is like your guardian angel.

Q: What if I break my device every week?
A: Perfect! With your qualifying service, this program is designed for you. There is no limit to how many times you can have your device re-repaired under the "Got Repair" program.

Q: What's the catch?
A: There is no catch. Mission Repair benefits NOTHING to offer this program other than hopefully we'll regain your business if you should ever break a covered part again, however we DON'T want you to ever pay full price again. We'd rather remain friends and offer a "re-repair". While not all services carry the "Got Repair" benefits at all times, 95% of our screen repair services automatically include this awesome benefit.

Q: Is it really free?
A: This is a trick question that we are happy to address. It is 100% free when you buy a qualifying service. There is NO PREMIUM, NO DEDUCTIBLE, and NO MONTHLY CHARGES. If you should ever need to use your "Got Repair" benefits you will ONLY PAY the service fee designated for your device to have it repaired again. For example, at the time of this writing, the "Got Repair" service fee for the iPhone 3GS glass repair is only $20*. That's it. Want to know exactly what the service fee is on each qualifying product? Just give us a call!

Q: Does the "Got Repair" program really cover my device for life?
A: Yes. This program lasts a lifetime for the device (per serial number we record and keep on file) and for the original customer in which the initial service was performed, based on the availability of the parts in the market.* Pricing can change without notice, and you should always consult your customer service representative for current market pricing before placing your order.

For more information, ask our sales staff via email!

*Prices and program availability subject to change at Mission Repair's discretion. Market changes, Nationwide shortages or major price increases may affect the price or lead time of the availability of Got Repair services. We will inform you at the time of placing your Got Repair order of any changes or extended lead times that can happen from time to time.