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iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer Installations.
We're the best in the country at this repair!

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Try not to let it get you down.  Yes, you cracked your 3G iPhone glass. 
Yes, it can be depressing. 
No it's not covered under warranty.

We know it happens and Mission Repair is here to help.  Read below for a few details.

You can choose to buy a new replacement iPhone at full retail (check it out, it's not cheap!) or you can choose the experts here at Mission Repair.  Our process and exclusive iPhone 3G Adhesives are one of a kind and are the BEST way to install a replacement glass panel into an iPhone.  Trust us, we've repaired THOUSANDS of units and have sold cases of adhesives to dealers around the country.  Other repair centers try to "glue" the new glass/digitizer panels, which is a bad idea.  Glue can seep into the home button cavity and then render it useless.  We've also experienced outgassing issues with liquid or gel adhesives that can literally eat away at crucial components within the iPhone over several weeks or months.

The Mission Repair "difference" is in these strips.  Can it be true?  Let us explain.

UPDATE:  READ OUR BLOG "The truth about iPhone 3G digitizer adhesive kits" HERE!
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cracked iphone glassmidframe iphone 3G3G iphone adhesive stripsiphone midframe with adhesiveFixed Glass 3G iphone
Stage 1
We receive your broken iPhone. You're in good hands.
Stage 2
We remove the broken glass and prep your internal frame.
Stage 3
We reach for our proven adhesive strips.
Stage 4
We install the strips onto your frame.  Notice the FULL coverage.
Stage 5
We install the new glass panel and reassemble your iPhone, perfect!

Our process provides full coverage of the contact points on your internal iPhone 3G frame, which is critical to ensure a long lasting, flush-mounted repair.  You don't want to use a phone that has been "repaired" but has a "spongy" feeling glass.  It should not move.  If you have your iPhone 3G Glass and Digitizer assembly repaired at Mission Repair, it won't.  Please call us if you have any questions, or send us an email and we'll be more than happy to respond!

Click below to order our same-day repair service or if you'd like to try it out for yourself, we also offer replacement iPhone 3G Glass/Digitizers with adhesive kits for self-installations!

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